CovEid 2021

Usual table setting during Eid :)

Hi, another hiatus from me and came back with this post of Eid. Hope you guys don't miss me that much, tehee. Another year of CovEid this year and it's getting worse, unfortunately. But nonetheless I wish you guys good health and celebrated Eid ul-Fitr as cheerful as ever. 

As the photo shown, my family and I celebrated Eid as we usually would though it's only us five this year. We dressed into new clothes, set up the table and took family photos. I really missed my big family gathering we always had every year before Covid-19 and it made me realize that we shouldn't take verything we have for granted. Instead we should cherish and pour our heart into doing everything we could at the moment as we don't know when it would be the last time we have the chance to.

Also in conjunction with Eid, the month we forgive and ask for forgiveness, I humbly apologize to you guys, my reader, if any of my writings ever offended you in any way possible. Believe me, I never intended to hurt anybody with my writings.

Just a quick update on Eid, and as typical as I could be, I hope to see you in my next writing (hoping I won't go on a hiatus again, tehee).

Selamat Hari Raya!

With love,

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  1. kemasnya susunan pinggan, haha kitorang masa raya haritu main sebat je pakai pinggan corak tak sama xD feel raya takda kannn. dah tengahari terus cabut baju raya pastu tido

    1. My mom memang semangat Raya though Covid-19. Sama lah, tengah hari hilang dah Raya nya haha.

  2. Happy eid mubarak! Btw, set pinggan mangkuk kita sama ahahahaha!

    1. Happy eid mubarak to you too! Set pinggan mangkuk baru this year hehe