If There Is No Covid-19


I didn't watch our Prime Minister's press conference about the country's Covid-19 recovering plan earlier today. But messages were shared and the conclusion was, interstate travel only would be allowed starting November. Having been under Movement Control Order (MCO) for quite some time now made me thinking of the freedom we had before Covid-19. I initially had plans that I had to cancel or postponed because of Covid-19 and it also affected some of my routines;

Visit Dubai for World Expo 2020
I was so excited the moment I heard about World Expo 2020 and delighted that it would be held in Dubai, a place I've been meaning to visit so it was like hitting two birds with one stone. I had planned to visit Dubai in 2020 so I was ready financially and just added up visiting the expo in my list. I was about to buy the tickets when Covid-19 hit us. The expo originally would be held on 20th October 2020 – 10th April 2021 but due to Covid-19, it's planned to be held on 1st October 2021 - 31st March 2022. However, I don't think I'll be ready to go abroad in two or three years.

Touring Malaysia
After all the overseas travelling, I realised I didn't travel locally that much. Hence, I've been meaning to tour Malaysia for quite some time and I planned to do it after visiting Dubai. I had drafted the journey from Perlis to Johor and fly to Sarawak and Sabah just for it to be only a draft when Covid-19 happened.

Part-Time Postgraduate Routine
In the earlier part of 2020, I got to experience my new routine as a part-time postgraduate student in UTM KL. It was brief, just about two months that I experienced it. I remembered complaining so much as it was so exhausting and drained my money, having the need to travel from Ipoh to KL every weekend. The heartbreaking part was I no longer can spend time with my family. Though having online classes is much better for part-time study, I do miss those exhausting days nonetheless.

Driving Aimlessly
I love driving and I found solace in a long drive aimlessly, especially at midnight. It's been my routine to have a long drive, at least once a week, just to release whatever in my mind for the week. Usually, I would go out driving on the highway for one or two hours and came back feeling refreshed. Now that even between districts is closed to travel and the city practically is dead after 8.00pm, I couldn't enjoy that routine anymore and I miss it.
A part of me wanted my life to be like how it was originally before Covid-19, but another part does appreciate what happened as somehow it made me take a break from the exhausting struggle I had to push through everyday. Either way, what happened made me learned to appreciate and cherish the things I currently have, rather than focusing on chasing things I want to have.

So, what would your life be like, if there was no Covid-19?

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  1. I would be having a trips with my friends for graduation for sure. Anyway stay safe!

    1. Having no graduation sucks real bad during Covid! Stay safe too :)

  2. If there is no covid, I'd be travelling to Hokkaido T_T

    1. Hopefully covid will end soon so you can go to Hokkaido as planned!

  3. If covid ends, i will go hike on kinabalu. Tiket apa semua dah beli, guide pun dah bayar. Cuma airasia je belum refund lagi, kami kena rescheduled balik tarikh flight 😭

    1. Must have been so excited to hike Kinabalu! Hopefully cepat lah this covid to end!

  4. I don't really care much about travelling but I do need that occasional escape to reset. I only do local and drives around. It feels so nice to get back home after those drives. I just feel stuck now. I think I've been stuck at this point ever since the second PKP started.