Hi, Life Update!


As going away from this blog for more than one month is a common thing for me, I guess you don't actually miss me, right? Tehee. As cliche as I could be, life has taken the most of my time till I don't have any left to update this blog and my YouTube channel. Or maybe it's just that I didn't have the mood. Whatever. But anyway, here I am again and always will be. I meant, no matter how long of a hiatus I'll be gone to, I will always come back as this medium of mine has a soft spot in my heart that I won't ever let go.

Genting Highlands

As you know already, furthering my study by part-time has made my life so busy even during the weekend. I have classes even during the Movement Control Order (MCO) so I got no chance to pamper myself by travelling as I used to anymore. So by the time I got one weekend off from any classes, I booked a trip to Genting Highland with a friend. We stayed at The First World hotel for RM150 per night. 

It was the first time I went to Genting after the Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park was opened. The one day pass costs only RM60 while pay and ride pass costs RM15 per ride. In my opinion, this indoor theme park was better and more enjoyable than Berjaya Times Square Indoor Theme Park as there were more extreme rides for adults.


I love K-drama. I'm the type that will wait for the drama to finish airing first instead of following it every week as waiting for the next episode would be a torture for me. Then I would go for two or three days straight watching the drama and neglecting my balanced lifestyle. But nowadays I tended to can't wait to watch the drama as I kept seeing the updates on Twitter so I started to follow the drama every week. I found that it's healthier and I was better at managing my time so I guess I'm gonna keep it this way, hopefully.

Anyway, the dramas I watched so far were Dinner Mate, Backstreet Rookie, It's Okay To Not Be Okay and currently Was It Love. Among these four, I love It's Okay To Not Be Okay and Was It Love the most. Both were off different genre so I could not choose which was better but I loved to see Kim Soo Hyun for the first time after his military discharge and finally Song Ji Hyo's drama which shows how beautiful she is.


Usually, I'm hooked with current songs but nowadays I kept listening to old songs too. I loved how listening to old songs brought me back to the memories of old times. Anyway, I'm the type that there would come the season I listened to English songs only or Kpop only or Malay songs only. Currently, I'm enjoying Kpop and here are the songs that I'm currently enjoying:
Jessi - Nunu Nana
Rain - Gang
FT Island - Wind
Jung Joon Young - Sympathy
IU - Love Poem
Lee Hi - Breathe
Hwasa - Maria

Work and Masters Study

Even though my class currently only conducted online, I still can't seem to manage my time between working and studying hence no update on my blog or vlog. But I'm still glad that online classes were more flexible in term of time management and especially helped me to save money because no money needed to spend on travelling. I might be enjoying this working and part-time study at the early stage of the semester but now I started to feel the exhaustion. But hopefully, I could get back on track and enjoy this again as I still have a long way to go through. Pray for me!

Just a short update. Till then,

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  1. goodluck in study and working! susah jugak tu nak bahagikan masa..

    btw, i also love maria from hwasa.. good melody and meaningful! hehe

  2. I'm think to apply for master too while working but I'm not sure whether I can balance life, work and doing research. Any tips on time management?

  3. Goodluck!! Sejak MCO ni makin sibuk. Saya pun sekarang online learning je di rumah. Rindu nak balik kolej hmmm

  4. Glad you are doing well! (Kinda miss you too!)

  5. The last time I went to genting when I was only 12 , its been 12 years already .

    Ugh , reading so many people watching its OK not to be OK make me feel like " is it a hint that I have to watch it ?" Lol .

    When I saw 'nununanana' I was like YESSS GURL !! hahaa . I like ft island too , I mean who doesn't its hong ki as vocalist u all