Why I'm Deleting My Photos On The Internet

Why I'm Deleting My Photos On The Internet

I read a tweet where somebody said something along the line of:

"I can't believe we survived high school and university days without social media back then"

Since I belong to this age group, this tweet relates to me so much. I kept wondering how did we manage back then, especially on how did we complete all of our group works? But belonging in this age group also made me a social media addict. 

I remember I used to post something on my social media almost every minute, it's like I thought I was a celebrity that everyone needed to know how I'm doing. The same goes for posting photos on my social media. Since I'm confident enough with my looks and my photography skills, I post my photos on my social media almost everyday, even sometimes, 2 to 3 photos per day.

Growing up, I know it's not necessary and it haunts me, wanting to look good all the time in people's eyes even if it means deceiving them, deceiving myself. I have multiple occasions where I wanted to deactivate all of my social media. But like an addict I am, and as I want exposure for my blog and now, my YouTube channel, I hesitate a lot on deactivating everything so in the end, I didn't.

Instead, I made my Twitter private, and now only I had the guts to start deleting all photos with my face, also photos with my friends and families. If you're following me on my Instagram then you can notice I've deleted those photos. I'm turning my Instagram into something like my hobbies' Instagram where I would post photos on my writing, drawing and photography.

Other than that I'm growing up realizing these, I also deleting my photos because I'm finally started to feel scared that people can use my face for bad things. There was one time where it was viral that random men have a Telegram group that they share girls' photos for their sexual satisfaction. It was also revealed that scammers use our photos to scam our friends and families so I want to avoid that in every way possible.

Of course, something that had been put on the internet will never be deleted permanently so I kinda regret that but I can't do anything about it and I just have to hope for the best. I've finished deleting my photos on all of my social media but I'm yet to delete my photos on this blog. It's too much, I would need time to do it. Slowly but surely.

I'm still struggling in fighting with my own desire to post my photos on my Instagram so pray for me so that I could stay strong on this new principle of mine.

Till then,

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  1. All the best in deleting your photos :)

    I have yet to reach your kind of actions but I have slowed down a bit on my habit of uploading my photos on the internet.

    1. I'm still struggling with my nafs to post my photos haha. Pray for me!

  2. I feel the same way you feel but I still don't have the kind of dedication and strength you have. I still like sharing my picture in social medias T_T

    1. It's okay, take your time! It's been a struggle for me too!

  3. Same! I only showed half of my face or no close-up photos and my private IGs don't even have photos only IG stories.

    My friend get catfished a lot by different people, some even claimed that she died so it's scary for me if someone decides to use my photos for bad purpose.

  4. It takes time. For others who can't find the courage yet, try reduce it first. Perhaps not posting selfie stories. Whatever you think you can from now on. You WILL be comfortable one day to delete all past uploads. We just gotta keep doing the small efforts. I am struggling too.

    The least I could do was to stop from seeing (there's a setting) posts from my friends. Call me a loser, but seeing my friends uploading their selfies (with loved ones), makes me want to. This is the only way I could curb - not seeing at all.

    I feel such a sinner about this, though others may not see it as one. To know there are people out there struggling on the same path, gives me courage. InsyaaAllah may this continuous small effort be one of the reason He accepts us into His Jannah. :'(