Touring Ipoh, Perak II

It's been almost three years I've been living in Ipoh but I don't really go touring the city that much. I only get the chance to tour the city if my family or friends come to visit. Last weekend, my best friends came visiting Ipoh so I automatically became their tour guide. I planned an itinerary for us and these were the highlights of the tour we went to since other places I won't mention in this post was because I've mentioned them in this post (click) instead.

Time Tunnel Museum, Ipoh Old Town
This museum was viral a few months ago and I've been wanting to visit the museum since then. Fortunately, my friends were up for it. The entrance fee was only RM6 per person with no time limit. The museum that was a two-storey building displayed classic goods would make us reminded of our grandparents' house, our childhood memories back during the 60s to 90s era. There's also the historical background of Ipoh Town displayed which would educate our youngsters.

Gua Kek Look Tong
Gua Kek Look Tong was actually a cave but people built a Buddha temple which now known as Tokong Kek Look Tong. But the temple was open to the public for visiting purpose though you don't practice Buddhism. Gua Kek Look Tong was interesting enough because of the cave itself but what made it more mesmerizing was the park behind it. Though we didn't go along the park as we've been so tired already.

BookXcess Kong Heng Ipoh
I didn't know that BookXcess was like the parents of Big Bad Wolf which meant the books sold were much cheaper compared to other bookstores. As an avid books buyer (though not reading them) I was ecstatic when I found out that BookXcess was there at Kong Heng Ipoh. The bookstore was designed with the concept of a bank vault. I loved the ambience of the bookstore so much.

Art Ipoh
On the third day, we just wanted to go back to BookXcess to get the books we didn't buy earlier but much to our delight, we stumbled upon the exhibition of 'Art Ipoh'. Art Ipoh represented various form of art done by local artists. But the main concept was the art done using recycled materials such as wood, leaves and papers. I'm incredibly amazed by the artists' creativeness.

There're a lot more places I still yet to visit here in Ipoh. Waiting for my next guests to accompany me for the next Ipoh tour, tehee.

Till then,

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  1. The photos are beautiful! I didn't know that there's bookexcess in Ipoh!

    1. I found that I like my photos to be bold colour so that's how I edit them. Glad that you like them!
      I didn't know there's bookXcess in Ipoh too! It's a new shop as there was no bookXcess before

  2. menarik juga ipoh ni. i've been there a few times tapi tak masuk tempat2 macam ni

    1. There's always something new happening in Ipoh hehe

  3. I'm so going to the Bookxcess! and I heard that there are many foods worth to try in Ipoh too!

    1. yep there's so much food that went viral that you should try in Ipoh!