It Is Never Too Late To Chase Your Dream

by - October 28, 2019

It Is Never Too Late To Chase Your Dream

Hi, it's been a while.

These few weeks had been the hardest in my career life, thus the delaying in updating this blog. It's been so exhausting and I've been drained, both my physical and mental health. Anyway, putting that aside, I hung out with one of my best friends, Nad after quite a while we didn't hang out together. We just had drinks at Starbucks, catching up with each other's life because Nad would be leaving Ipoh, having a new job in KL.

Approximately it's been four years she's been working at her former company and now she got a new job. The new job actually is her dream job. She's been going on and on about getting that job ever since high school. So frankly speaking, finally, she's living her dream. In our conversation, she said something like how she couldn't believe that at the age of 26 years old, she's making a bold move getting out of her comfort zone to start from the bottom again, just to chase her dream. She's concerned that she wouldn't make it through so this was a very important decision she made on herself. But at the same time, of course, she's excited to start fresh, to experience the journey, it's her dream anyway.

I'm proud of her for being able to have the courage to do so, to chase her dream though it'll mean that she'll be suffering a bit in the beginning, though it's gonna be a challenging route for her but she still wanted to do it. Nad made me remembered reading about my favourite series's author, JK Rowling. She finished Harry Potter first's manuscript at the age of 30 years old yet she was rejected by at least 12 publishers. She only got to publish Harry Potter two years later with so little value. But look at how famous she is now with Harry Potter.

This inspired me to think that we shouldn't let our age define our limit to try new things. And if we have a dream we didn't yet to realize, we shouldn't give up and just try our best, all possible ways to realize it no matter how long it will take. Because if it works, we're the one who would be the happiest for it and even if it didn't work, it will all worth the try as we'd be satisfied knowing that we tried our best. There's nothing to lose to chase our dream. Even if it's too late, even if it's gonna be a tough journey, at least we're doing something that we love.

I don't really sure of my dream, but I'll work to make it a reality. I hope you will too! With that, I'll end my post with a quote my mom got for her Teacher's Day last May;

"You Are Never Too Old To Dream A New Dream"

Till then,

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  1. 26 years old is still very young :) This is the age that you should make mistake. Glad your friend is finally doing what she loves.

    1. Yeap, we'll never be too old to try new things!