Innocent Witness | Parasite | Hotel Del Luna

One of the reasons that I love Twitter is because of movies recommendations from fellow Twitter-ian never disappoint me. It's like the main source to find good movies. So a few weeks before, these three shows were viral;

Innocent Witness | Parasite | Hotel Del Luna

Innocent Witness
The story was about an autistic girl who was the only witness to a murder case. The lawyer who represented the accused had a hard time to get information from the witness due to her lack of affection towards a stranger. I loved that the story showed how the lawyer tried hard to be closed to the witness and how he, in the end, decided to go for the truth. I always loved Kim Hyang Gi since all the movies she's in were so great, exceeded my expectation and Innocent Witness was not an exception. 

My rating: 9/10
Innocent Witness | Parasite | Hotel Del Luna

I was so so curious about this movie as almost everyone I knew who watched it claimed that the movie was one of a kind. Indeed, it was! The movie was about how a poor family became a parasite to a wealthy family by lying and how they ended up when the lie was exposed. I especially loved the character Kim Ki Jung, who was portrayed by Kim So Dam, the daughter of the poor family as she was the brain of the family. The movie had everything; melodrama, family, horror, thriller, comedy. The plot twist was mind-blowing and the scenes were not bored even one minute.

My rating: 10/10

Innocent Witness | Parasite | Hotel Del Luna

Hotel Del Luna
It felt like ages that I've been waiting for this drama to end and finally, when it ended, I missed it so much. Hotel Del Luna was about a hotel for the souls of the dead to have a retreat before they went to the afterlife. IU played the role of Jang Man Weol, who was punished to live in between life and death to be the owner of the hotel. I especially loved how IU brilliantly portrayed the character. It was her best acting ever! 

My rating: 7/10

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  1. I tried watching Hotel Del Luna but I think it was a bit slow? Kinda slow burn which is not that bad but I'm not really into that hehe. But am deeply interested to watch Parasite!

  2. I stopped watching Hotel del Luna till 4th episode even I really like all the casts but the story is a bit slow, for me la. Thanks for your recommendation, next to watch Parasite and Innocent Witness!

  3. Okay, I have not watch any of these but, I would suggest you to watch the divine fury and love alarm.. Well, that's my latest completion... hahaha

  4. I already watched Hotel Del Luna and Parasite. Both are great.
    I went crazy over a Netflix K-drama entitled 'Love Alarm' but sadly it stopped with a cliffhanger ending with just 8 episodes (in need of season 2).

    I don't know what to watch next. Innocent Witness may not be my cup of tea, judging from the genre XD