It's That Time, Again

by - January 01, 2024


It's that time, again, when I left the blogging world for quite some time and suddenly appeared out of nowhere, tehee. My last post was in 2021. I doubt anyone's here anymore, but here I am, still coming back. I plan on getting active writing again, as writing has always given me peace of mind. Hence, for this first post of the new year, I want to share with you some life updates. Pardon my miserable writing; it has been long since my last post. It will get better, I hope.

Master of Architecture
First of all, finally, I graduated Master of Architecture in July last year after 3 years of struggling to study while working. At first, I didn't think I could graduate as it was not an easy journey, I even deferred one semester due to exhaustion. But here I am with the certificate, proudly can call myself a Graduate Architect.

I Live Alone
I bought my first house in 2022 and started living alone in January 2023. So, it has been a year. I could say that I love living alone. It was hard at first as I had a hard time early in the year which affected my mental health but gradually it became better and living alone felt like an escapism for me, from people.

I'm Getting Married!
I remember mentioning that I didn't plan on getting married at all on my posts before as I claimed to be not to believe in love. But who am I to deny what's written for me. So here's a bit about my future husband; as typical as a modern love story to date, we knew each other online. It happened so fast, we were friends for about one year. Then we visited our families just one week after confessing our feelings to each other and decided to get married 3 months later. It's a big life-turning event, hence I'm full of fear. But I guess we'll hope for the best and be willing to face whatever will happen if it means with him, the love of my life. 

Losing Weight
Erm. Not there. Yet. Again, tehee.

Stepping into 2024 with full of life achievements and life-changing events. Fear of failure is a common thing for me, hence I usually don't dare to get out of my comfort zone. But this time, I plan to just go ahead and face it. Wish me luck, and I wish you guys all the best in your life too!

Till then,

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  1. Hey Lya! It's been awhile -- congratulationssssss on many thingssss! Hehehe, pretty sure its not easy at all, but you made it!

    1. Hi Faten. Thank you for reading despite my hiatus for 2 years, hehe. Happy new year!

  2. Hey there, Happy new year! I barely remember your blog but i just drop by to say hye... hehehe Hoping you get the spirit to keep on writing. Come visit me! :D

  3. Hi Lya! It's been awhile ^^ I hope you are doing well

  4. Yo congrats! for your master and marriage and the new house!

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    Yang benar,
    Permaisuri Cuya.

  6. glad you are back! i hope it is not too late to wish you a happy new 2024 and congratulations for all your achievements in 2023 ❤️ you are doing great with your life!! may Allah ease everything for you ya ๐Ÿ˜š