My Weight Loss Journey

This post is not a post on how did I lose weight, but instead, it's my beginning. So sorry to disappoint if you're reading this looking for that.

I remembered complaining about me being fat all the time, since forever, even when I wasn't fat, when I used to have no thigh gap. Only now I realised how heavy the word 'fat' is if you say it without thinking of people around that are bigger than you, you could've hurt their feelings. So I learned that I'm not fat. I'm just chubby...but overweight...haha.

I used to weight only around 45kg to 49kg when I was in high school. I started to gain weight during my bachelor's degree days but I only weight not more than 56kg. Then I was the heaviest during my initial year into employment but I never weight more than 60kg and I maintained that weight...until this year. I'm currently the heaviest in my entire life, I'm at 67kg. 

I'm only 148cm height so having 67kg weight made me fall into the overweight category. I never concerned about my weight before but now that most of my clothes barely fit me, I know I should start doing something about it. Also, seeing that celebrities are healthy and beautiful even at their old age made me thinking that I should be like them if I want to hit my 30s in an awesome appearance, for my own self-esteem.

To lose weight had been my new year resolutions literally every year but obviously, I never made it. It's very hard for me as I'm not the fit type, I rarely exercise, I love love love chocolate I almost couldn't go even a day without it, and most importantly, I hate cooking so to cook healthy meals everyday is a bother to me. But it needs to stop. And I think this losing weight journey would be better by writing about it, like an oath to myself, so I'll not embarrass myself to me and to you guys, my readers. Here are some of my diet menu though some weren't meet the requirement;

My Weight Loss Journey
American Breakfast (kinda?) with homemade beef patty

My Weight Loss Journey
Sandwich (mostly with wholemeal bread, salad, tomato and egg)

My Weight Loss Journey
Fried spaghetti (kinda like Aglio e Olio but waaay bland)

My Weight Loss Journey
Salad with dressing

My goal is to lose 20kg in 6 months time. I've made some research on various diet methods prior to starting my diet. I've read about the Atkin diet, intermittent fasting diet, etc and I decided to go for calories diet with eating clean along the way. I use the app MyFitnessPal to help me calculate my calories intake and I discovered that in order to achieve my goal, I need to consume maximum 1,200 calories per day only. Usually, people would go for a cheat day once a week, but I decided to go for once per two weeks for a faster result. But I don't know if I'm gonna be that strong to go for two weeks without chocolate, we'll see.

I started my diet on Wednesday, 10th June and after 5 days, I've lost 1kg. Though it's just a small amount and can be gain in less than a day, I'm still happy with the result. I should start working out too! I hope I will continue this determination and I guess I should start to love cooking sooner. I will update on my weight loss journey from time to time. Wish me luck guys!

Do you guys have any weight loss tips? Share with me!

Till then,

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  1. u go girl !! im all the way to support girls yg nak lose weight ni..

  2. Wow! Good luck!! You can do it girl!

  3. All the best Lya. May you get back your ideal weight. Don't worry you are not alone hahaha.

    1. 'you are not alone' is something I need to hear haha. Thank you!!