The People That I Am Grateful For

When you haven't written in a while so you have a lot to talk about, just because you wanted to write more so just one post won't be enough so here I am, writing another. I've gained so much in 2019 and there're a few people helped me to go through the year successfully, so I wanted to write something like an appreciation post to them.

My family
Dad, for being the man I most needed in my life. Dad, of course, helped me on man's things, mostly the maintenance of my car. Dad also the one who would (nag) advise me on my financial management though I'm still failed at that, tehee. Mom, for the one who nagged me on my increasing weight but would always cook my favourite dishes and baked my favourite cakes and bread whenever I requested. Mom, the only woman in my family I could share my woman's interests. My younger brothers who're just by their existence helped me learned to be responsible for the family as the eldest. Them who's the most annoying human being I'm dealing with but love the most at the same time. Thank you for trusting me, for loving me, for making me having a home I can always run to whenever I needed to.

My best friends, Alia, Najwa, Munifah, Jiha and Husna
I dare to say that these five best friends of mine would forever be my best friends. They're the one that knows me the best, especially because we're off the same line of work. They're the one I would always seek advice for whenever I'm having a stressful day at work or about my 'love life'. They share the same interests as me and would always be the one that helped me gaining new knowledge on everything, especially gossips, tehee. Thank you, for being friends-like-family to me, for I know I can always count on you guys whenever or wherever I need you guys.

My colleagues
Never in my right mind, I thought I would work the job I'm currently working. I'm a team leader though I'm still a junior so I'm very thankful to my way older colleagues who helped and respected me nonetheless. I'm especially thankful for a few names I won't disclose (you know who you are), for being more than a colleague to me, for being my friends. Also, I'm thankful to my boss, for him being a very kind and supportive boss. I hope the bond we have as a boss and employees, as colleagues, would always be positive and make our working environment enjoyable.

The friend of 10 years that I made a mistake having a crush on and made us ended our friendship. Thank you for you being the kindest guy I'm friend with. I'm thankful for the lessons you gave me, for the feeling you made me experienced, for respecting me, for everything. But let's not meet or text each other even by coincidence, okay? Tehee.

My blogger friends
You, my blogger friends who visited my blog, who read my posts though I thought most of them were not beneficial nor interesting enough for you to read, tehee. Your presence was what made me fell in love with writing and made me wanted to write more. As I've mentioned many times before, writing is some sort of therapy for me so I love writing more and more. A little shout out, I'm especially thankful for you who left comments on my posts, my 'Biggest Supporters'. Thank you!

Saving the best for the last, thank you, dear self as you've been so strong going through the year despite having so many difficulties and struggles. You've cried the most this year yet you came back stronger and braver. You've put so much effort in your self-betterment, you've improved so much. Let's be stronger and wiser next year, okay!

Thank you, for reading this too. Share with me who are you grateful for in your 2019?

Thank you,

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  1. May 2020 be you wonderful year ^^

  2. Wishing you a wonderful year in 2020!

  3. I'm really grateful for having such a supportive parents.Heeeee ^^ but most importantly I'm grateful for being myself fully.Walaupun annoying tak sudah2 hehehe :D

    1. Yeap, the one person we must love and be thankful for is our own self :)

  4. Agreed. People in our life really does affect our life journey and experiences, in a good or bad ways. We need to be thankful for each of them because without them, we are not who we are today.

    1. Yep, the good ones helped us being happy and the bad ones gave us lessons to be learned so everyone that came into our life has their own purposes so cherish everyone and just let things go :)

  5. Yang part "Him" tuh :) Mcm comel.

  6. I am grateful to be here reading this. ^^