"We Are So Busy Growing Up, We Often Forget They Are Also Growing Old"

Remembered a few weeks ago, turning your face old became viral and everyone was doing it? My brother joined the hype and showed us this picture of his old face with our father's, Abah, side by side. We were shocked at how similar his face to Abah which somehow showed how accurate the turning-your-face-to-old apps was. 

The longer I stared at this photo, I came to realize that Abah had aged so much. This one sad feeling engulfed me as I realized both my parents had aged, they were growing old, and the time for me to be with them gonna be shorter day by day. There's so much I want to do with them, for them, yet I don't know if I'll be able to do it before they leave me. I'm scared. I know we all do.

It hit me really hard knowing it's not that my parents grew old all of a sudden but it was happening slowly these years yet I failed to realize it sooner. As a kid, I don't remember seeing my parents as someone I should pay attention to - they were an adult, they can take care of themselves. I need to spend more time with my friends instead of my parents as I'll be seeing them at home anyway - I just don't care that much. But growing up, I realized how precious is the time with my parents, I came to miss them everyday, so I longed to be home as often as I could. 

To every one of us that are still blessed having our parents, let's make time for them. They might not say it, but believe me, the older they get, the more they want our presence. It's not the money we sent every month, nor the call we gave everyday. Also let's tell them that we love them, that we are blessed to have them as our parents, they need to hear those words! Remember that they've done so much for us and we will never get to repay them as much.

You lived a busy life when you were young
Your child added meaning to your life
Your excited smile in the family picture
Is now slowly fading away

When I became an adult and faced reality
As an immature child of yours
I kept falling and getting back up again
One lonely day, I looked at your picture
And realized I am just like you now

Only when my youth was waning
I came to pay attention to your days gone by
My young mother was smiling in the picture
Your blooming days were sacrificed
And turned into fertilizer to nurture my days
I will collect all those times again
And make you smile again, again

May our parents' be blessed with good health.

Till then,

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  1. What a beautiful song. I don'think we'll ever be prepared for the day. I sometimes feels alienated by the idea whenever I remember my mom isn't around anymore. It feels so surreal. Let's live everyday more deliberately and always be reminded that everything will change someday so choose wisely today!

    1. "everything will change someday so choose wisely today" is such a good saying. May we always be reminded of that!

  2. Life is like driving a car. Eventually the car will stop someday.

  3. yes. true.. we are so busy to even realize that our parents r getting older. spend more time with them and make them happy =)

    1. Yeah we should realize how important out time with them sooner so that we won't regret it later

  4. sometimes i am mad at myself for forgetting this fact. i had a good read here thanks to you.

    1. I was mad at myself for forgetting this too hence this post.
      Glad you liked it!