The Haven Resort Hotel, Ipoh, Perak

by - August 04, 2019

It's been a while since my last staycation so I welcomed the first weekend of August with one, at The Haven Resort Hotel, Ipoh, Perak. I wanted to have a staycation here since forever but couldn't find anyone who would like to join me. Finally, I got Nadira to accompany this time. I booked the hotel through at RM451.20 per night for a Lakeview suite. 

I loved how friendly all the staffs were, especially their guards. They would wave and greet you whenever you run past them. I remembered this one guard explained all the luxuries the hotel offered and then he asked for how many days will we be staying. When I answered that we only gonna be staying for one night, he said, "at least something lah," LOL.

The suite accommodated two bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen completed with kitchenette and a yard for drying clothes. I personally loved the balcony and master bedroom as you could view the lake from there which gave one a peace of mind and I was in desperate need of that.

We took a walk along the jogging track after checked-in. Though the day was hot, walking along the trail didn't make us sweat that much because of the place surrounded by the jungle and limestone. There were also photo spots prepared along the track which made it easier to take photos with a great view. The swimming pool was designed to give the impression that it merged into the lake which created an infinity pool. I loved the ambience of the hotel so much.

We did swim during the day, but since the pool was opened till late 10.00pm, we swam again during the night. We stayed in the jacuzzi, enjoying the night view. My camera didn't do justice to the night view, it was way more mesmerizing than these photos. I couldn't get enough of the view!

I looked forward to breakfast the next day and it exceeded my expectation. I loved the variety of the foods and in all my honesty, everything was so delicious. They have both western and traditional cuisines, I especially loved that they served Chicken Hor Fun which was the first time for me to have it compared to any hotels I've stayed at so far. We spent around an hour trying all the food and decided to go swimming again before we checked-out at 12.00pm.

We loved the place so much, we even contemplating to extend our stay for another night but since Nadira would be working the next day, we stayed to the original plan and check-out that afternoon with a heavy heart. I fully recommended you to try staying at The Haven Resort Hotel if you planned for a holiday in Ipoh. Totally worth the money!

Till the next staycation,

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  1. bet anyone wud want to extend their stay especially the place is sooo relaxing..I wish the same too

  2. bapaaak ah life goal lah siakkk weekend je check in hotel mcm ni

  3. last time i stayed there it was so creepy because there were only 7 families. hahaha.. scary ookay sebab soo sunyi. i love their pool and they allowed us to swim at night tu yang best tu..

    1. Kalau tak ramai memang agak scary this place hahah. Yep, nice betul dapat swim at night, the night view pun lebih cantik dari siang