A Recap On Life

by - July 30, 2019

As I've mentioned in my previous post, I'm in a healing process and somehow writing helps. So here I am in front of my lappy, writing this monthly recap I should've written consistently. A lazy me would fail every time to keep up with a blog series and that includes this monthly recap, especially when my life just contains boring routine and nothing extra would happen once a month so there's actually nothing to talk about. But I'm gonna write one anyway.


I did a makeover for my blog and I loved it! It's natural for us to feel bored with something so I got bored with my blog's theme which I've used the longest time. I wanted to change it to a new look since forever but I had a hard time finding a theme, a free one of course, that I like. Finally, I found this one, it is Fashy from Gooyabi Templates. While finishing the makeover, I realized that it's been so long since I last wrote something for my 'blogging' label. I should write one soon.

A Recap On Life

I stumbled upon Aida Azlin in Ipoh and I hope it won't be the last encounter with her! I remembered being so nervous and stuttered so much talking to her, it's as if I've met a celebrity! Aida had been my idol since I first subscribed to her Tuesday Love Letter and now being a member of her AA Plus program. Her works inspired me to be better spiritually which I've needed the most in my life. Maybe that explained the nervousness.


A Recap On Life

I've watched the K-Drama Arthdal Chronicles and I felt deceived because it hasn't finished yet! I thought it was a completed series, that's why I started to watch it in the first place as I'm the kind that couldn't wait for the next episodes. To my disappointment, the show is yet to finish since it has three seasons, with each season contains 6 episodes. The third instalment of the show would be released in September. The show was so so so good so I can't wait for it!

Maybe it's because I'm in the heartbreak phase so I fell in love with Ali Gatie's songs these days, especially the song Moonlight. His songs are sad songs but I love them. I think he's viral in Malaysia so I hope he'll come to Malaysia soon, I definitely would go to his concert. It's been so long since I last went to one anyway. I also currently love the song You Don't Know by Katelyn Tarver, somehow I felt relatable to the lyric, and the song Birds by my all-time favourite band, Imagine Dragons.


On works, I learned that procrastinating is so so dangerous. My new big boss just reported to duty and my immediate boss asked me to do a slide presentation for him but there was no due date. I wasn't actually intentionally procrastinated to do the slide but I was busy helping for my friend's wedding that week. To my surprise, the big boss came in a sudden time while the slide wasn't yet ready. I was doomed and was scolded by my immediate boss. So don't procrastinate on your works though there's no due date given!

On heartbreak, I learned that no matter how many people I shared the pain with, the only time I felt calm was during my prayer, when I was with Allah. Indeed, He is the only one who understands, who listens, and who helps us. Also, though this hurts, I learned that broken heart won't heal;
"Broken heart don't heal, they fade. The pain will always be present, the thought of what happened and how it felt will always be remembered. Broken heart don't heal, they just fade"

I wish for a better month ahead in August for all of us.

Till then,

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  1. Lovely post as always. I hope the month of August will be kinder to all of us!

  2. Totally loooove the new look!

    lenne | blog

  3. Love the new look! :D

  4. omg I love her!!!! I love reading AA love letters

  5. you're blessed to be able to meet your idol and i hope your healing process will continue smoothly. i didn't watched arthdal chronicles much but i have to say it is a very good drama and a beautiful one too.

    1. I was so lucky indeed! Arthdal Chornicles is a good drama, you should watch it!

  6. Aaarggh. Cant wait for Arthdal too! Even my mum got hooked up on it.