I Don't Feel Like Working

This week!

Time flies so fast, it's already the final week of May and we'll be celebrating Eid next week, insyaAllah. Hence, I don't feel like working for this week. Eid mood has overcome myself, I'm so so lazy. Anyway, it's been so long since I've abandoned this space so while being so lazy, I'm writing this today, just to update what I've been doing for the past few months I didn't update on my life.

After so long of the completion of my first project, designed my uncle's new bungalow, I've landed myself not one, but two projects. One was a renovation work for the house of my colleague and another to design a new bungalow for my uncle's friend. Maybe getting myself these projects actually is a hint for me to quickly continue my Masters Study, I've been delaying it for the longest time.

I watched Happy Death Day 2U, the second installation to Happy Death Day. It was brilliant, how they combined supernatural things with scientific explanation. I didn't expect the time loop was caused by some science project, instead of just a lesson to be learned by the main cast.
I also had been on K-Drama streak these past few months, I've watched Encounter, Kingdom, Touch Your Heart and currently watching Her Private Life. If you want my recommendation, then go for Kingdom if you love zombies and Her Private Life for a light romance story with the most handsome man on Earth as the lead, tehee.


It's been so long since I last read a book. Aida Azlin is currently inspiring me to be a better person so her favourite book genre became the books I want to read too. So my housemate studied in the UK and she brought books she bought from there. One book particularly attracted my attention, it was "Muhammad, Man and Prophet" by Adil Salahi. I've always loved the book on prophets, portrayed in the form of a novel-like story instead of direct translation from Quran or Hadith. It's more enjoyable to read.

Falling Like The Stars by James Arthur is currently my favourite jam. The soothing melody and beautiful lyric made me reminiscence of my love life. Yep, only reminiscing since I don't have one currently, lol.

What I learned
I've been having a fight with my own inner feeling lately. I've struggled to keep a straight face when I was hurt by someone's unintentional actions or words, I've been so so sensitive. So I learned that I can't swallow everything by myself and just let it out on someone, my best friend. Thank god, she's a good listener and always have some advice in return. In the end, I was relieved that such feeling died to bring positivity in my life again.

What I hoped for
Positive vibes only for the upcoming month and I can't wait to see your Eid #ootd!

Till then,

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  1. And I don't feel like studying while exams is the around the corner. sobs

    1. Let's reset our niat, we work, we study, Lillahi Ta'ala. Hope we'll be motivated again ;)

  2. Happy Eid! Nak wish paling awal lol

  3. sy belum tengok lagi sambungan happy death day 2. sebab yang first tu macam mehhh so terbantut nak tgk yg ke 2 ni hehe

    selamat hari raya :)) ♥

    1. yang kedua lagi best dari yang first, so sokay kalau tak tengok yang first hehe