There Are More People Who Are Less Fortunate Than Us

I have a good friend, Teha who determined to live positively. She's the type that would find even a small sip of positivity behind an unfortunate or negative situation. For example, if she had a flat tyre while on the way to somewhere, she'll take it as a test and a chance to gain new knowledge on learning how to change a tyre, 

"I won't be able to know how to change a tyre if not because of that flat tyre incident,".

But one thing that she hates the most is to do a presentation in front of a crowd, though actually, she's good at it. One day, she got the news that she had to do a presentation in two days time which meant that she might not have enough time for the preparation so she was furious by that decision. We went to McDonald's to have dinner at that time, also to help her relieved her stress and anxiety about the upcoming presentation. We had a conversation about works and kinds of stuff and I noticed her eyes wandered around the restaurant while we were dining.

"Do you know, the man behind us is having an interview for McD. He might be just a high school graduate but he also might be the eldest son of his family, the only breadwinner of the family or he also might be a university graduate but still having no luck with finding a job. Then that McD staff who's cleaning over there looks like having an injury or he might be handicapped by the way of his unstable walking. A group of girls over there are having a blast, smiling and laughing with each other while dining but that one man having dinner by himself looks gloomy, maybe he had a bad day. But here I am worrying about that presentation, thinking that my life is miserable having this ad hoc work that I knew is just a small problem compared to someone else's problem,"

Teha's remark made me realized that yes, there are more people who are less fortunate than us. I always complain about how stressful and too many works I got without realizing that there are more people, even my own friends, that still don't have a stable job or there are people who lose their job because of the current state of our economy. I always complain about how my income is not enough for me to live wealthily without realizing that there are people that didn't have enough money to even buy a decent meal.

Having these thinking that there are more people who are less fortunate than I helped me to be grateful for what I have and cherish more the life I'm living in. I also begin to try finding the positivity behind an unfortunate or negative incident, just like how Teha view the sudden presentation she had to do as a way of her boss's compliment and confidence in her that she can do it.

When you're having a bad day, remember that there're people having much worse, so be grateful!
Let's try to find even a small sip of positivity in everything that happens in our life so that we would live positively and always be happy!

Positive vibes only,

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  1. This is something that I learned few years ago as well. In order for us to be grateful always, remember that someone, somewhere out there may not have things that we have, or s/he may wish for the things that we currently have :)

    1. Yeap, because if we think of those who are more fortunate than us, we'll always wanting more and feel like we're not enough. But if we think of those who are less fortunate, we'll be grateful of what we currently have instead

  2. Your post just come at the right time I feel stress over something at work.