My Top 6 Firsts!

Aida Azlin shared that as her team is growing on a bigger scale, they needed extra support so that they could continue serving the AA Community by sharing the Tuesday Love Letters and vlogs for free. They started the Sustaining Supporters program for anyone who'd capable and loves to contribute to the team. The offers of special contents for the Sustaining Supporters intrigued me to join it and I'm glad I did!

In the first content of monthly edit for the Sustaining Supporters, Aida shared about her top 10 firsts in her life where she bared it all by talking about things like her first memory as a child, the first book that impacted her and her first time wearing the hijab. She welcomed everyone to share their top 10 firsts too, so here are mine, but I could only think of these 6 instead of 10;

1. First Ever Job
I've always wanted to work after SPM but I didn't expect that dad asked me to live with my uncle, Paksu in Langkawi and work there. So I lived with Paksu and his family after SPM for about 4 months and had worked as a travel agent in Pantai Cenang. I wrote about it here in this post (click). It was a great experience as I had to speak English all the time because most of my customers were foreigners.

2. First Time I Felt Independent and Rebellion
I was 18 when I entered university life. Being away from my strict parents and no longer having curfew definitely changed the way I live and the rebel side of me grew bigger. Actually, it's until today that I enjoy nightlife till late midnight or later when I stayed alone but still follow my parents' curfew, which is 7.00pm when I'm back at their house. But being away from my parents also meant that I had to be independent and do all the chores myself, especially the cooking and washing clothes which I hate the most.

3. First Love/Crush On A Boy
I remembered having a long time crush to a classmate when I was in primary school. I even got the chance to sit beside him when we were in standard 5. I remembered being unable to focus during the class tehee. But my first love declared couple, was a boy I met when I went to national scout camping in Johor when I was 12 years old and we dated for 4 years! Obviously, it was just an innocent child love, nothing serious.

4. First Heartbreak And Breakdown
I've written about this before in this post (click). The first time I felt heartbreak and had mental breakdown was the day I lost my grandparents (my father's side). I cried non-stop even till today whenever I remembered my late grandparents. I was close to them as I lived with them when I was little because my school was near their house at that time. I miss them so much!

5. First Failure And Felt Defeated
I'm proud to say that I'm one of the top students during my school days so I never really had the feeling of failing. I even won competitions I joined. But such brag was gone when I entered university life and the first time I got below 3 points for my CGPA during my third semester, I felt defeated. Since then, I never share my exam results with my parents anymore, felt like I didn't deserve it, especially when my younger brother who was not a bright student during his school days, had excellent exam results during his university life.

6. First Time I Venture Into Blogging And Realized That I Love Writing
I've mentioned about my first time in blogging for many times already, it was when I was 16 years old. My English teacher had us, students, to do it for English assignments. Eventually, the blog ended up being abandoned and I found inspiration to start blogging actively after stumbled upon Zackzukhairi's Realiti Konspirasi. But of course, the blogging slump started again until I stumbled upon Erin Azmir's blog where I decided to change my Malay writing into English. I kept writing since then and realized that writing helps me healing.

Just like what Aida said, "our lives should always be filled with a constant celebration of 'firsts' because that's a sign that we are growing, and are always trying new things" so let's embrace our upcoming firsts with a determination to do it the best we can and find it as a learning process for us to grow into being a better version of ourselves.

Now share your top 10 firsts, I'd love to know!

Till then,

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  1. This makes me want to join the Sustaining Supporters as well! Will follow you joining it soon heheh

    1. It's not necessary because just being in the community is enough with the free love letters and vlogs but if you think you want more, then joining the sustaining supporters program definitely worth it!

  2. I wanted to join the Sustaining Supporters too but have to put it on hold for now/ It's all because I'm not sure if I can afford to commit to the program as I probably will be unemployed in the next few months T_T

    1. Oh, by the way, we have the same curfew. My curfew is 7pm as well.

    2. As Aida said, it's not a compulsory for the sisters in the community to join the sustaining supporters program, love letters and vlogs they shared are enough but for someone like me that wanted more and can afford to do so, it's with pleasure to join

      Having curfew is what makes us discipline actually, that's what grows us to be responsible

  3. I reallllyyyy enjoyed reading your list, Lya! This is amazing - I especially love the bit about "First Time I Venture Into Blogging And Realized That I Love Writing"! I really hope you will continue to write, it's a breath of fresh air!

    1. Indeed, writing is a healing process for me, I too hope I'll never abandon this passion of mine ;)