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Afifah is looking forward to adding more passionate bloggers on her bloglist so if you're a passionate blogger and wish to be featured, you should sign up for this tag game-ish by her. It's simple; you just have to post this banner above and tell three things that scream passionate blogger to you. Then tag two other bloggers for the tag and comment something, as simple as a 'hi' on her original post here.

So, the main thing that describes a passionate blogger for me, is he/she is also a passionate writer. Not the type that only writes nonsense just for the sake of updating his/her blog or only having wordless Wednesday posts all the time but instead, put his/her heart into writing the content. For example, writing an honest and detailed review of a product instead of just stating the usual "it's good on my skin".

But being a passionate blogger would means he/she regularly update his/her blog. I love bloggers who update their blog at least once a week with every content is beautifully written (which I've always wanted to do but failed, tehee). I especially love joining Aida Azlin's community of sisters and subscribed to Aida's love letters. She never misses her schedule to post the love letters every Tuesday and every topic she wrote reached my heart.

Since the blogosphere is now expanding, the competition of having a really nice and clean theme for the blog also became a thing now. So a passionate blogger, I believe would not let his/her blog theme far behind others. I love blogs that are pleasing to the eyes with having great theme and font for easier reading.

I'll tag these two bloggers who I find had been missing from the blogosphere for quite some time now, wishing that this tag could be a new start for them;

Till then,

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  1. Okay I just noticed this.. Is this still on..?

    1. Of course, I'm sure there's no due date for this tag post ;)

  2. bwahahahahahahahah hai saya baru bukak blog ni =D