Hello November!

Even though tomorrow is a public holiday (read: Deepavali), I didn't apply for a leave today so here I am at the office, writing this while being bored and wanting to procrastinate. I love going to work while most of everyone was on leave. It's like the whole office was mine and I'm quite free to do whatever I wanted to, especially procrastinating. So just a quick update and sharing of how my October went;

October was the birthday month of my father (8th) and my younger brother (26th). It's hard for us to gather as a whole family nowadays since both my younger brother and I are working outside of our hometown and my youngest brother is studying away from home. It was a coincidence that we got to gather one week earlier than the day of our father's birthday so we planned to have a birthday celebration that day. Thing is, it was the first time that we planned a surprise birthday celebration at a restaurant for a family member. It was hectic that the waiter was late at bringing out the birthday cake because my dad has this habit of going out to smoke everytime he finished his meal, so we had a hard time to keep him in his seat. Here's a photo of that day;

Like I've mentioned in my every personal post lately, I've been on a movie marathon every night without fail. I've watched tonnes of movies in October but here are a few that I think were the good ones; 
1) On Your Wedding Day - too good, so must have a review post for this one!
2) Will You Be There?
3) Hantu Kak Limah
4) Searching
5) Sierra Burgess is a Loser
6) Adrift
7) Vanishing Time: The Boy Who Returns
8) New Trial

As a Kpop fan, I'm impressed at myself for not listening to Kpop that much these days tehee. I've started to be in love in the band Imagine Dragons, I even made a playlist full of their songs to listen to. I love the song Natural and Believer so much. I'm also listening to Top Malaysian chart at the office and Beautiful by Bazzi had been my favourite currently. 

Part-time job
I often put my name out in every advertisement medium I could think of, trying to seek for a part-time job as a writer or a designer and finally after months of having false hope, I landed a part-time job as a content writer of a website for a detergent company. I never thought to have an agreement to be a company's content writer, I just had in mind to be a one-off writer like writing a sponsored post while putting my name on the advertisements so I guess my waiting was worth it after all. I'm going to be writing an article per week so to be committed to the job could be challenging. Please wish me luck!

We're only one month away from leaving 2018, time sure flies so fast. I remembered that my October felt so long and exhausted. I hope to have better days in November and I wish for a better month ahead for you guys too.

Till then,

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  1. banyaknya movie marathon!! i am so kagummmmm.. :D

    hai adik manis, hello november to you too~

    1. Kan! I'm kagum at myself too haha. Happy November to you too ;)

  2. interesting post. you're so lucky that your whole family still want to celebrate birthday. my family doesn't want to celebrate birthdays anymore and here i am, being the angsty adult and thinking that birthday party isn't for me anymore. but, if they want to make a birthday surprise, of course i would be happy.

    btw, that list of your movie marathon seems interesting and i haven't watched one of them except sierra burgess is a loser. because why not? netflix movies are the best. btw, have you ever watched to all the boys i've loved before? i think you should because it's so romantic and a bit comedy too.

    btw, congrats on your part-time job. i hope you're doing great in everything. sorry for my broken english tho hehe.

    1. I do love to do it to others but I've never experience having a birthday surprise myself too. Sobsob

      Yass all the movies I listed were the good ones and variety of genre. I watched to all the boys I've loved before the moment of its release. Yeah it was cliche but seriously so good compared to Sierra Burgess is a Loser.

      Thank you for congratulating mehh ;)

  3. your family so sweet! i really love family bonding time :)
    your movie list looks interesting, must check them out!
    all the best for your part time job :D

    1. Family bonding time is a time I would never exchange for something else ;)

      Yass, check 'em out, they're all the good ones

      Thank you for the wish!

  4. bapak ah list movie kau tengok lagi banyakk dari aku. sape yang student sekarang ni. ahhahahhaah

    1. Hey betul lah, student mana boleh buang masa tengok movie, you have tonnes of assignments kan hahahaha

  5. All the best for your writing gig! :D

  6. tengok jugak on your wedding day sob sob~