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May 17, 2018

Educating By Scolding

I stumbled upon rant messages from students who were scolded by their lecturers on a submission day. They're art students, presented their proposals but then were disappointed as their hard work being torn and thrown away. As a young adult, they don't understand such acts by the lecturers so they rant about it on social media and even showing hatred towards them.

Some people might think that these students were so weak and fragile since they couldn't handle their emotion well and couldn't accept criticism for their works. But honestly, it's more than that. As an art student myself, I had experienced the same situation during my study days and yes, it was hard to think positive when it happened. I mean, who can accept it if the lecturer even proudly said, "we were paid to curse your works". The biggest impact was, I started to have low self-confidence as I mentioned in this entry(click)

I may not am an educator but I was a student myself. I think that this whole 'I scold you to make you better' culture has got to go. We have to realize that the method to teach these students who are young adults isn't the same as to teach the adolescent or youngsters. Instead of educating by scolding, cursing their works and public shaming them, why not properly explain what actually are the things they needed to do, in a professional manner. 

Respect is something earned, not something given

The quote says it all. If we as an educator wants the students to respect us, we need to respect them first and "your works suck, you don't deserve to be in my class" is definitely not a respectful way to educate them. Here is another nonsense - I teach these kids the way my lecturers taught me. I'm sure not all of our lecturers taught us the same way, some were kind enough to not yell and public shaming us and we needed to take those attitude instead to be a better educator than our lecturers. I remembered loving my lecturers who didn't use harsh words and gangster attitude to teach me and hating those who were like that so yea, let's be the kind of a lecturer who is loved by his/her students instead of only full with hatred and fear.

Anyway, a professional kind of attitude towards students also varied by how the students' attitude is. No lecturers could stand it if their students were being rude. But seriously, I don't think there are that many problematic students in universities. Even the brutal ones turned to being good ones once they entered universities.

Writing this post made me remember my study days so here's a picture of my batchmates with one of our beloved lecturers on his birthday;

architecture anarchive

How do you (especially future educators) think is best to educate young adults?

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  1. yes me too. i'd prefer the kind of lecturer who is kind but strict at the same time.

  2. I don't mind for a strict or maybe those whom just "gurau kasar" kinda of lecturer because normally, they would be the ones whom could tolerate with us the most and even when he/she no longer teaching for the semester, we could still hang on to them and just talk casually without a huge barrier but still in a respectful manner.. But a lecturer whom cursed ain't cool... They supposed to show a good example and not cursing.. They were paid to educate, not to overboard the limit...

  3. I remembered watching my housemate with her group members working 72 hours non-stop to finish the 'Batik fashion' project (she study Fashion & Textiles). Sewing, painting, etc. It was so hard! But her lecturer torn the clothes just like that. And the lecturer said, "this is a bulls**t! You should throw this in a trash can!" can you imagine? She have to redo the project and alhamdulillah she got a better marks. But I don't think that's a suitable method to educate students. Not all people can stand the pressure. Some might take it in positive way. But others? I think, this is one of the reasons why there's so many suicide cases among students. They can't stand the pressure, the humiliation of being rejected and cursed in front of others and so on. I'm definitely agree with you — 'I scold you to make you better' culture has got to go.

  4. Good post Lya..
    Obviously educating by scolding is not a good approach..