Sunshine Blogger Award

A big bow to Afifah as she nominated me to do this Sunshine Blogger Award. It's been years since I did something like this so here we go.

The Rules:
  • Thank the person(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog
  • Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post and/or on your blog

Afifah's questions:

1. Introduce yourself as if you really want me to know you and you know I wouldn't judge even if you say your secret crush is Hitler OR just introduce yourself in five words.
Art and writing are my passion.

2. If you never have to work and never have to worry about money anymore, what will you do?
This might be a cliche answer but all if I don't have to worry about money anymore, I'll be traveling the world, alone. Going on a solo trip has always been my dream!

3. What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
My life so far was dull. I'm still living in my comfort zone but the craziest thing I did, I think was when I declined the offer for studying in Beijing. I keep regretting it a lot these days. You can read about it here.

4. Favourite movie of all time and why so?
Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone. Harry Potter series movie is an adaption of the novels of the same name. It's a tale of a wizarding world of a boy, Harry Potter. It has a total of 8 movies. I love Harry Potter series but the first one is my favourite of all time. It's the first ever movie with great CGI I watched when I was a kid so I thought the magic was real. Can you imagine how excited I was?

5. Share with me your quirky-est nickname and how did you get that?
I've never been called by my real name, Alia as I always have a friend of the same name, and that friend got to be called Alia instead. Here's a list: Rabiatul (primary school. I hate to be called Rabiatul by the way), Roya/Roy (high school), A'a (university) and Lya (blog)

The quirky-est would be Roya/Roy, a combination of my real name, Rabiatul Alia, A friend of mine, Fafiq started the name and the others just followed along. I hated it at first but I got used to it over time.

6. What is your greatest weakness?
My sense of direction. I'll have to go on the route 10-20 times before I can memorize it and because of that, GPS is my best friend. 

7. What is your greatest strength?
I have a high degree of attention to details, thanks to my architectural background. 

8. What is your best childhood memory?
Everything I did with my late grandparents. 

9. If you can only keep five possessions, what would that be?
My phone, laptop, car, notebook, lipstick.

10. What is the biggest character turn-off for you?
Self-boasting people who're also good at looking down on other people aka an A-hole.

11. If you could have any superpower, what power would it be and why? - it must be skills, not something like time-travelling or immortality.
Teleporting! I've always want to travel alone so teleporting would be a great advantage for it.

My nominees for this Sunshine Blogger Award:

I love reading personal related post so here are my questions:

1. A simple introduction about yourself and your blog.
1. Satu pengenalan ringkas mengenai diri anda dan blog anda

2. What's your fear/phobia? Why?
2. Apa yang takut / fobia anda? Mengapa?

3. What makes you happy? Why?
3. Perkara yang membuatkan anda rasa gembira? Mengapa?

4. What the one thing you would like to change about yourself? Why?
4. Satu perkara yang anda ingin tukar tentang diri anda? Mengapa?

5. What was the last movie/book you went to/read? How was it?
5. Apakah filem/buku terakhir yang anda tengok/baca? Jadi, bagaimana?

6. When was the last time you broke someone's heart? Why?
6. Bilakah kali terakhir anda lukakan hati seseorang? Mengapa?

7. Which would you rather do: wash dishes, clean bathroom or vacuum the house?
7. Yang mana satu yang anda lebih rela lakukan: mencuci pinggan, mecuci bilik mandi atau vakum rumah?

8. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
8. Di manakah anda melihat diri anda dalam masa 10 tahun?

9. What is one thing you will never do?
9. Apa satu perkara yang tidak akan anda lakukan?

10. If you could eat only one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
10. Jika anda boleh makan hanya satu hidangan untuk sepanjang hidup anda, apakah ia?

11. Name 2 items and 1 person you'll bring along to survive with on a deserted island. Why?
11. Namakan 2 item dan seorang individu anda akan membawa bersama-sama untuk hidup di pulau terpencil. Mengapa?

Till then,

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  1. That no 6 question, I'm like, "Ya Allah nasib baik tak kena tag... hahahahahahhaa.." And I laughed a lot when I saw Syed's name.. I think everyone tagged him.. hahaha..
    P/s: I wanted to tag you too but then, I thought you might be tagged by others too so mcm takpe la.. hehe..

    1. I'm curious of that question the most too. Hope Syed will do mine, soz not soz. Hahaha.

      You did it before me so I didn't tag you. Such a pity!

  2. I'm the same with razana/flavness. I wanted to tag you but then thinkings others might do the same so I picked another blogger

    btw, my sense of direction is bad even with the gps. sob sob

    1. Yeah, I wanted to tag you too but you already did it hee

  3. I keep on reading your answer for Q8. I miss my late grandparents, they left me so early that I didn't get the chance to know them a lot. T_T

    1. I lived with my late grandparents before they died, that's why I have so much affection towards them and never could forget the memories I had with them :'(

  4. I enjoy reading your answer. We definitely have a mutual interest - art & writing. Oh my, I have been tagged!

    TQ, insyaAllah I'll do it once I have a free time ;)

    1. Tiada paksaan, you can do it if you have time, I'll be glad but it's up to you actually :)

  5. Harry Porter!! Siqah kan sebenarnya pernah cuba baca novel Harry Porter yang pertama. Terpengaruh dengan kawan. Hee. Tapi kan, sumpah Siqah susah nak faham. Takde daya imaginasi tinggi. Haha. Sudahnya Siqah stop baca dan tengok filem. Itu pun, tengok mana yang ada kat TV je. Loser rasa :( Siqah harap Astro ke ada buat pakej Harry Porter total 8 filem di Astro Best. Tapi sampai sekarang takde, boleh request ke agak? Hihi.

    I can relate with you much on GPS! Haha! Siqah pun sama juga, always with Waze. Walaupun nak pergi tempat yang dah berkali-kali pergi. I'm bad with direction :D

    Ohhh I've been tagged <3 Thank you Lya for nominates me. Siqah buat nanti ye. Menarik nak jawab soalan Lya ni. Hihi 😍

    1. Lya memang baca novel dulu baru tengok filem. Mungkin daya imaginasi Lya tinggi lah kot hahaha. Tengok online lah then!

      Sama lah, Lya memang nak pergi memana GPS mesti pasang haha

      It'll be my pleasure kalau Siqah buat jugak :)

  6. Kita pon memang suka gila Harry Potter! Bila dah habis rasa sedih sikit sebab dah tak boleh tengok Harry Potter dekat wayang dah 😂

    1. OMG Cik Epal comment, thank youu hiks.

      Samalah. Kalau ada re-tayang kat wayang, I'll sure be the first to buy the ticket. haha

  7. Thanks for answering. It has been fun seeing even more people answering tonthis award. Btw, how thoughtful of you writing the questions in bahasa! The first time I watched Harry Potter, I remember being at awe. I never believe in magic so I remember being so heart broken, legitly, heart broken much, knowing in this world, we don't even have Hogwarts.

    1. Well I thought some people I tagged in this post would want to write it in Bahasa hehe.

      I know right! Till this day I'm waiting for my Hogwarts letter! Haha

  8. Hahaha dah baca jawapan soalan Lya kat blog Syed, kelakar XD

    btw, kita sama bab susah hafal jalan tu. Walaupun mai drive, tetap susah nak ingat walaupun org kata bila drive cpt tangkap jalan. hahah

    1. Pasal disable right click ke? Itu lah, kesian dekat dia sebab Lya lupa pasal tu hihi

      Betul tu. Walaupun drive sendiri, tetap susah nak ingat jalan.