BALI - a Honeymoon Trip 2024

by - July 02, 2024


I had a few places I wanted to visit when I planned my honeymoon trip and Bali, Indonesia won my heart. I usually would plan the itinerary, accommodation and transportation myself, but for a honeymoon, I wanted peace of mind during the trip so I booked a tour guide with Supirbalinesia. The one I talked with was Hamzah (WhatsApp: +62 878-6072-6627), and our driver was Hari. They have a variety of packages for the Bali trip, but I chose the honeymoon one. We had a pleasant trip, I fully recommend them if you want a tour guide to visit Bali. 

Here is the full itinerary of what we visited during the trip and the total expenses of the trip are at the bottom of this post.

Day 01 - 05/03/2024

Our flight from KLIA2 to Bali was at 10.00am and went straight to Pendawa Beach once we arrived Bali for the viral road to the beach that surrounded by two cliffs. The view was magnificent but there were too many people so we couldn't get a good spot for photos. Then we went to Melasti Beach to watch the Kecak dance. Watching the Kecak dance felt like watching a theatre because of its full cultural experience. Then we went for dinner and checked in at Fave Hotel. 

BALI - a Honeymoon Trip 2024

Day 02 - 06/03/2024

We woke up as early as 2.00am to start our journey for the Jeep Lava Sunrise Tour at Mount Batur. I remembered how exciting a Jeep tour was when I went to Bromo, hence I chose to repeat the experience especially because my husband never tried it before. The trip took almost half a day. During the evening, we tasted various coffee flavours at Coffee Luwak and Plantation. Then we went for the photo session, the famous Bali Swing at Tegalalang Rice Terrace Field. They provide tourists the gowns to wear for aesthetic photo purposes. After much satisfaction, we went to visit Tegenungan Waterfall for a majestic view.

BALI - a Honeymoon Trip 2024

One of my bucket lists to visit Bali was to visit one of its famous temples. Later that day we went to visit  Batuan Temple. I love the unique cultural architecture. We went for dinner at Ayam Bakar Wong Solo restaurant. I remember how it was the most delicious meal among all the meals we had during our honeymoon trip at Bali.

BALI - a Honeymoon Trip 2024

Day 03 - 07/03/2024

The next morning was Nusa Penida trip. It was an island with majestic views. It has various famous beaches. We had to ride the boat from Jetty Sanur and our driver cum photographer on the island was Agung. He brought us to visit Diamond Beach, Kelingking Beach and another one which I couldn't remember because it was not in the itinerary. The trip took one whole day. We exited the island around 5.00pm to have a candlelight dinner at Jimbaran. Since it was a long trip since day one, we decided to get a Balinese massage at Piramid Spa. They have male therapists for male customers. For the final night, we checked in Sakaye Villa, which was also why it was the most expensive package offered by Supirbalinesia. Each room had its own huge private pool. I love the Villa!

BALI - a Honeymoon Trip 2024

Day 04 - 08/03/2024

The check-out day was shopping day. Our driver took us to Agung Bali for souvenir shopping. It was like a supermarket but focusing on Bali souvenirs. This was where we went over budget with our expenses. Our flight to KL was around 1.25pm.

Expenses (2 pax):

Bus Ipoh - KLIA2 - Ipoh = RM188.50
AirAsia return flight ticket KUL - DEN - KUL (including 20kg baggage) = RM1,402.98
Trip package with driver (including accommodation and meals) = RM2,250.00
Add-ons Kecak Dance show = RM150.00
Add-ons Jeep Lava Sunrise Tour Mount Batur = RM350.00
Tegalalang Rice Terrace Field entrance = RM100.00

Total = RM4,441.48

I think 4 days wasn't enough to explore Bali with ease. We kind of had to rush things to visit one place to another. But it was a fun and memorable trip nonetheless.

Have you visited Bali?

Till then,

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  1. insya allah ada rezeki nk g bali thn dpn. bolehlah sy amik no tipon hamzah tu..

  2. salam kenal. happy honeymoon ye. best kan bali. Akak n family pun suka sgt bali. kami dah ke sana 9 kali. hehhee.. tp bali dulu dgn bali sekarang dah jauh sgt berbeza. apa2 pun tetap enjoy kalau ke sana.

  3. bestnya! takpernah sampai bali :D

  4. Selamat berbulan madu.... terakhir ke Bali th 2018..sudah lama sekali..