A Random Post

As the title stated, this is gonna be a random post. Actually, I have plenty of specific things I want to write per post but I don't know why I just couldn't finish even one proper post. It seems like I'm losing my touch for arranging words for a good post. So here I am, decided to just write whatever on my head currently and titled it to be 'A Random Post' because it is random, literally.

Anyway hi, it's been quite a while from my last post and as usual, I have no excuse for that. I'm yet to make a schedule for my blog which I've always said I wanted to do one since forever. I've always had this mindset that I won't be able to follow the schedule if I even made one. But on the other hand, I do think that having a schedule maybe will discipline me to be consistent at updating my blog, so I need to do one. Dear self, get your lazy a** up and do it!

Let's talk about my losing weight journey. As a typical woman, I want to lose weight, to be thin, to look more beautiful, to be more confident in myself. However, I didn't make a single effort for it. I remembered being keen on losing weight (diet and work out) because I had to when I applied for Administrative and Diplomatic Officer (PTD). I lost so much and weight about 54kg at that time (still heavy, but whatever), which was a success.

But after I failed the application, I no longer care about my unhealthy lifestyle and eat as much sugar as I can (I love sweet foods). Realizing that I gained more and some of my clothes no longer fit me, I started to feel uneasy. And finally, I weighed myself last week and was shocked to find out that I weighed 68kg, which was the heaviest I've been in my entire life. Bear in mind that my height is 148cm so obviously I'm obese and I need to lose 'em weight!

I now started my diet plan, no more sugary drinks, no chocolate or candies, no fast foods and trying to reduce my meal intake. As for exercise, I'm going to jogging at least once a week. I will weigh myself every two weeks to make sure I don't gain more and lose at least 1kg. Hope I'll be able to follow this plan and make my losing weight journey a success. Wish me luck!

A few weeks ago, my friend, Sera's dad, who was a pensioner, was admitted to the hospital. Fortunately, he had medical insurance covered so he got in a private hospital which obviously 10 times better and more comfortable than going to a government hospital. However, his insurance could only cover for a 4-persons room and Sera asked him to pay more for at least a 2-persons room.

Sera said to her dad, "let's just pay more for a 2-persons room, it's more comfortable and you have the money. What's the use of all the money you worked hard for if it's not for your health now." That reality in Sera's words triggered me. We're working hard while we're young, earning money and savings and made assets but at the end of the day, we're gonna be old and all the money earned would be spending on our own health. Somehow it saddened me realizing that we're earning money not really for a luxurious life but to spend it on our health instead. It's funny, isn't it?

I have a friend who's fighting with depression. He tried to commit suicide last Friday but fortunately, he survived. He lost his father earlier this year, or it was last year, I couldn't remember but what I'm trying to say, maybe losing his father was one of the reasons for it. Upon receiving this news, somehow I felt I was not a good friend. His social media didn't give even a tiny bit of a sign of his struggle so I never thought that he would do such a thing since I didn't realize how difficult the life he's living.

I'm afraid that it's becoming a trend nowadays to fall deep into depression and at the end of the day, these patients decided that suicide was the better solution. I'm not really at the place to address this issue since I'm not a psychiatrist and I don't suffer from it so I don't understand how it feels having depression. But I urged that if you suffer from it, please seek for help, please know that your worth was so much more. And we as the friends and families of these people, please be more aware of them, ask for their well being at times. I don't know exactly how would be the best way to prevent it from happening but try in any possible way you think would be best.

Gosh, I didn't know that writing a random post could be this long and my mind just couldn't stop from pouring so much to write 'em. Though I want to write more, I should stop here before this post getting longer and bored.

Share with me your random post!

Till then,

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  1. Takut kan depression... Takpe, healthy lifestyle and regular exercise may help us to get fit. Inipun macam jenuh jugalah nak sit up nak sit up asyik sit downnnn ajelah pun. Hahahahahaha

    1. That's the thing. Tak exercise langsung yang buat kita unfit.

  2. Good luck on your diet💪

    An I hope your friend will recover and have an amazing life very soon❤

  3. Sometimes I have this tendency of wanting to write randomly too! Don't be sorry, it's a process!

    I used to be sceptical over health (or any insurance in general) but then upon learning about them, I think I would have to get one once I am financially-stable :)

    It's a blessing to have friends that are aware with your conditions, and looking okay is not equivalent to being okay :') Learnt the hard truth, sometimes we should just randomly pop-up and asks people how they really are. Because being alone could be dangerous, more than we ever think of.

    1. Yeah, it feels good to write randomly since we aren't restricted to elaborate on one topic.

      Insurance is a must nowadays. We don't know what will happen.

      "looking okay is not equivalent to being okay" is so true. I learned the hard way. Thank you for the kind wish.

  4. all the best for your diet 👍 that is how scary depression. been in that phase wanted to kill myself, but alhamdulillah, i managed to suppress it somehow.

    i want to eat clean and exercise too, but it failed so bad for this year. hopefully next year will be the best year for our healthy lifestyle 😉

    1. Depression is scary indeed, glad you overcome it.

      Let's strive for a healthy lifestyle from now on!

  5. depression is really an issue skrng ni.. we have to be extra alert with our surrounding kenal pasti friends yang in need. insyallah with good moral supports kita boleh bantu.. doa banyak2 may Allah ease everything untuk kita semua.

    1. That's true. Tapi susah juga nak detect our family/friends yg suffer from depression ni. Let's just hope we won't have one..

  6. Good luck on your losing weight journey! And as for your friend, I also don't have an experience handling depressing so I'd suggest for him to go for a therapy or trying to contact Befriender team on social media.