Trip to Surabaya - Malang - Bromo (Expenses)


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As I've promised, here are the total expenses I've spent during my trip to Surabaya - Malang - Bromo last weekend. It might be quite expensive but bear in mind that there were only the two of us went for the trip so expenses on transportation and accommodation only were shared between the two of us. If you go with a bigger crowd, you could save more money. I suggested you to go at a maximum of 4 people which would be a convenience in sharing the car.

Expenses (1pax of 2pax):

AirAsia return flight ticket KLIA2 - Surabaya: RM320
Bus Ipoh - KLIA2 - Ipoh: RM30 + RM44 = RM74
Tulip Guest House: RM99.41 / 2 = RM49.71
Tengger Indah Hotel: RM82.14 / 2 = RM41.07

Sub-total pre-booked payment: RM484.78

Day 1
Grab car from home to Terminal Amanjaya: RM17 / 2 = RM8.50
Subway: RM22.70
Paid car rental + driver in full at the airport: IDR 2,350,000 / 2 = IDR 1,175,000 

Sub-total Day 1: RM358.60

Day 2
Entrance Taman Langit: IDR 10,000
Entrance Omah Kayu: IDR 10,000
Mineral Water: IDR 5,000
Museum Angkut entrance: IDR 100,000
Parking fee for Museum Angkut: IDR 8,000 / 2 = IDR 4,000
Bring a camera to the museum: IDR 30,000
F1 simulation: IDR 25,000
Coban Rais (entrance for a vehicle per pax): IDR 10,000
Coban Rais entrance: IDR 25,000
Bring a camera to Coban Rais: IDR 15,000 / 2 = IDR 7,500
Sky Bicycle: IDR 20,000
The Hobbiton: IDR 25,000
Snack: IDR 5,000

Sub-total Day 2: RM77.04

Day 3
Proboliggo entrance (per pax): IDR 10,000
Bromo entrance: IDR 150,000
Jeep: IDR 600,000 / 2 = IDR 300,000
Horse (return): IDR 150,000
Mask: IDR 15,000
Snack + mineral water: IDR 13,000
Lunch: IDR 16,000
Madakaripura Waterfall entrance (foreigner): IDR 21,000
Ojek (return): IDR 20,000
Mineral water: IDR 6,000
Dinner: IDR 38,000
Ibis Hotel: IDR 450,000 / 2 = IDR 225,000

Sub-total Day 3: RM268.61

Day 4
Taxi to Juanda International Airport Teminal: IDR 80,000 / 2 = IDR 40,000
Fridge magnet: IDR 57,500
In-Flight meal: IDR 65,000
Grab car from Terminal Amanjaya to home: RM18 / 2 = RM9

Sub-total Day 4: RM52.28

Grand total: RM1,241.31/pax (of 2 pax)

*Exchange rate: IDR 100 = RM0.03

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  1. bestnyeeee. i miss travelling so much

    1. Yea I missed travelling too. This trip to Bromo was the first after almost 3 years!

  2. Untungnya banyak travel sekarang..Q_Q Eh, I noticed you turun kl sometimes.. Kalau ada area Sunway Velocity, roger la.. Dekat sangat dah dengan my place..:3

    1. Turun KL because of work mostly. 6th Oct I'll be going to nights of fright, I'll roger you by then, insyaAllah, okay ;)

  3. cantiknyaaa gambar kat tepi kawah tu !! kawah kan we call that thing ? hehe thing ke ? =P
    for me.. expenses semua depends on the traveler jadi okay reasonable price tu. yang paling mahal tu pengalaman. gituuu =P

    1. Yeap, kawah gunung berapi. Betul tu, thinking bout betapa mahalnya pengalaman tu, pejam mata je walaupun trip bayar mahal haha