That Was Fast!

I lost count of the days that I didn't realize February has already passed. I must say that these two months were the busiest I've ever had in my life. Starting a new chapter in March, I would like to recap what has happened in both January and February.

I couldn't skip this one as work took the most time in my day that I became so busy. I used to criticize the government sector for having an easy work, don't have to work overtime and stuff but once I'm in the sector, I found that all the criticism I did back then was totally unfair. In two months time, I had to go for three outstations in Penang, Terengganu, and Melaka.

Well honestly I love being out of the town sometimes but to have overload works when I came back to the office is such a headache. It also made me do overtime almost every day. But I guess despite all the complains, I'm slowly falling in love with my job and for that, here's a photo of my lovely team.

imperial heritage hotel

30th January
It was my 25th birthday on 30th January. I did plan to write a special post on that day but eventually, I was too busy and just forgot about it and I don't think to have a special post on that day could make that day any special anyway so I just didn't do it. As I mentioned last year, I do appreciate surprises as I never had any for all my life but I guess that didn't happen this year either. Not that I'm complaining, I do cherish my birthday as it is a special day for me and grateful enough to already have everything I needed, but as a normal human being I really want to celebrate my birthday in a special way, not the usual 'happy birthday, Lya' through WhatsApp. But I'm losing all hope for that to happen.

Soz not soz for suddenly being emotional, lol.

I passed PTD's physical test and went for the PAC at Sungai Petani a few weeks ago. I thought I'd be so nervous but thank god I managed to control it and I guess I did fine. But the essay part is bothering me as I know I could've done better on it. I'm still hoping to pass the test though, so please pray for me, I really want to secure the interview.

I watched only one K-Drama, 'Just Between Lovers' and I love it so much, especially the heroine character. To me, the heroine is portrayed as a strong woman for having to endure all the difficulties especially she had to handle her broken mother despite she, herself was broken but she still put a smile on her face. Lee Junho did a great job at being the male lead. The character made him look so cool and handsome. I've always adored his acting since I first watched him in the film Twenty.

I'm a moviegoer so I will watch a film or two in the cinema. For January and February, I watched The Maze Runner: The Death Cure, Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds and The Black Panther. These three movies are amazing, especially The Black Panther. Marvel never disappoints me, I can't wait for The Infinity War in May. I owe this blog a review of The Maze Runner. It's in the draft but I'm still too lazy to continue writing about it teehee

I've waited for so long and finally Fall Out Boy made their comeback. All the songs in MANIA album were great, I couldn't stop playing them. They are on the tour for MANIA but Malaysia wasn't on their list #criesariver. I'm still contemplating whether to go for Singapore one or not. We'll see how thick my pocket will be by the time comes. I also love iKON's comeback album, 'Return' and currently am crazy about 5SOS latest single, 'Want You Back'. Well, that's a lot of music in two months time.

Reading and Drawing
OMG, I'm too lazy I didn't do any. All the plan to read and to draw failed miserably. Hopefully, I could catch up on these. 

Welp, till then,

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  1. Congrats sebab lepas ptd physical test tu

  2. That drama, Just Between Lovers nampak macam best. Maybe because I'm a fan of 2PM. Maybe I should put this drama in my must-watch list.

    And yes, time flies in a blink of an eye now. Sekejap je dah March.

    1. Yeap memang nice lah drama ni if you're his fan and if you're going for a light drama.
      Kan, too fast lah rasa

  3. Sounds fun and happy belated birthday Lya (sorry if im late in wishing u this), currently im a fan of The Korean Odyssey, lols, nak juga tgk kdrama tho im not a real fan of them. Havent got the time to watch any mvies yet on cinem, i'll just wait that movie on HBO then. Tho im craving so much to see black panther.

    Unfold me here : The Hundred Pages | Eyqa

    1. Thank you eyqa :)
      I'm currently watching The Korean Odyssey too and I'm so hype about that drama, it's good!

  4. jemput join sini

  5. Good luck for the ptd test!

    I regret not joining my friend to watch Black Panther when we went out to IOI last week because people is hyping the movie like crazy.

    x Rasya

    1. Thanks for the wish Rasya :)
      Yeah, it's a regret for not joining your friends, the movie was lit, especially if you're a marvel fan hehe

  6. Happy Birthday Lya! (I know its March buuuuuuuuut) Heh.

    Just to let you know, you are actually one of the reasons why I somehow aimed at being a PTD once I graduated too! Weird, yaaa I know :D

    1. Thanks for the birthday wish, it's never too late lah :)
      Really? That's weird hehe. But I'm still glad if I'm in a way inspired you to join PTD too. It'll be a waste to not try joining it anyway. I'll be doing a post about my experience on the tests soon ;)

  7. Happy birthday dear even it soo late ! hehehe by the way congrats for ur ptd test :D

    1. Thank you for the kind wishes dear ;)

  8. Congrats on passing the ptd test! Hopefully you pass the essay part too! :)

  9. omg so proud of youuuu conratulationss :D