What Do You Do For Fun?

It was a sunny day and I was chilling with a hot chocolate (since I hate coffee) on my hand and my phone on another. When I thought of having that happy alone moment, my friend texted me. We chatted for a while, the girl was having a rough day. After all the rants about how our day was, she suddenly asked, 

"What do you do for fun?"

I unknowingly froze at that moment, my mind went blank, trying to figure out what should I answer her.
'What do you do for fun?' I guess have the same vibe as 'what is your hobby?'
The kind of hobby you do whenever you're bored or when you have free time to spend. I don't know about you but it's a very difficult question to answer for a grown up me.

I remember that I loved cycling when I was a child. I was jealous of my friends who went to school by cycling with friends. While me, abah dropped me off school, riding his motorcycle. I can still remember how happy I was the moment abah brought me to a bicycle shop. He got me my dream bicycle and since then, I was rarely home during the evening. I'll ride my bicycle around the neighbourhood with friends. Fell off the bicycle and hurt my knee? Been there, but still loved cycling nonetheless.
The time I got my motorcycle license, I ditched the bicycle. That's how the cycle, right? New toy, got rid of the old one.

In uni days, I've been busy with projects and all so I don't really have time to have fun. But I made sure I went to the cinema every time a new movie was released, no matter how bored it was. I mean, the trailer was always interesting so it's not my fault that the actual movie was boring. Damn you, trailer makers.
Growing up now, I regretted what I did, it was a lot of money. Imagine that I never went to the cinema, I might can open one already.

But now, I don't really have the answer to that question. It's always the same routine everyday, going to work, eat and sleep while doing absolutely nothing during weekend. If there's something I did during that two off days, it's blogging and drawing. Uh right, maybe those can consider as fun, a hobby...I guess?

I think it's only fair if you get the tricky question so, what do you do for fun?

Till then,

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  1. I guess blogging is what I do for fun lol


    1. I'm sure it is and you did a good job having fun!

  2. Reading, writing and watching tv. this is all i do for fun hehe

  3. What do you do for fun?
    I'll decorating my planner beside reading, gardening and writing letters to pen pals etc. etc... I have a lot of things to do for fun dear.. :-)

  4. hi alia, done follow awak :)