Don't Judge

It's really hard to live in the world where there's no hiding spot for you, the world where everything is public and the most upsetting thing is you can't avoid being judge for everything you do.

People won't stop judge you, their disgust eyes eyed you from top to bottom when you're different from them, when you do something out of the norm, or made a mistake. Despite you wanted to change, they would still look at you with those eyes, never intended to give you a second chance at living.

The saddest part is, you try to convince yourself that it doesn't matter how people look at you, to hell with those eyes when you actually doing something that makes you happy and tell them to mind their own business but no. It actually does matter! How they think of you would effect your mood and especially your confidence.

Don't be. They don't know the true story behind your actions so they have no right to affect your emotion, your life. 

To the people who always judge others, without knowing the story, the people who think they're ALWAYS right, I'm sick of you guys. Stop trying to be the hero of someone else's life.

Till then, 

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