Wishlist #2 : Travelling

by - November 23, 2016

When I started working, I have this idea to save money and go for travelling at the end of the first year. Now that it has already been a year, I guess I've to wait for another year as I failed to do so (*facepalm). The past year had been hectic. I spent my money on bills, my family, shopping, foods (this means hipster cafes) and not to forget useless things I desired on top of things I needed. 

I did went for vacations but just local places so I can't count that as travelling since by travelling I mean, going to other countries, by plane (lama gila tak naik kapal thorrbang, I miss).

Since I failed my mission to travel after a year working, I think I at least should list down the countries I want to visit here so that whenever I open my blog and stumbled upon this entry, I'll be reminded that I should save money to accomplish this mission.

So here are the places I wish to visit next year.

South Korea

Don't blame me, I am a Kpopper so it's always been my dream to visit South Korea. I have a few places in mind to visit especially Busan, Nami Island and Seoul. I hope I'll be lucky enough and bump into any Korean artists, especially Bigbang or Running Man members when I visit Seoul. It's okay to dream big, right? 

Bali, Indonesia

I went to few places in Indonesia before, such as Padang and Medan but I never went to the famous tourist attraction, Bali yet. Being busy with workload, I think I need a relaxing trip for once. I love nature and culture so I think Bali would suit me best for that purpose. I heard sunset at Jimbaran and Tanah Lot was beautiful so I really want to see that. Aside from the beaches and temples, I want to go sunrise hiking on Mount Batur.

Universal Studio Singapore

I've been to Singapore for an architectural trip (it was awesome, I really love the Nanyang Technical University) but I never went to USS yet. I love theme park and I never been to one for ages so I really should go for it in the near future, to satisfy my longing towards the rides, especially roller coaster.

So these three are the places I plan to visit next year. How about you?

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  1. I always want to go to Japan, particularly Tokyo or Hokkaido.
    But for now I think I'll settle if it is just Ipoh.
    I really need an escape right now hehehe

  2. its ok dear...simpn duit lagi ya..next year boleh prrgi travel..hehe

  3. mek pun ade plan jugak. dah dua tahun start keje, skali baru travel tu pn cam ermmmm not so best at all --' booo. so, mek buat plan, my increment will be the savings for travel. ckup 10months or in another word, 10x simpan, mek akan travel ke tempat yg mek teringin nk pegi :)

    to be honest, baru dalam perancangan --'

  4. Inshaallah akan termasuk impian tu. Yang penting every month displin simpan duit

  5. InsyaAllah boleh travel ke tempat impian tu. Start dengan yg dekat2 dlu. Then automatic motivated utk travel yg lagi jauh


  6. Bali dalam wishlist saya jugak ni. jom le kite simpan duit hehe