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by - November 18, 2016

New Me australia

If you notice the new look of this blog, I'm giving you a virtual hug (*tap tap). Being me, I memang suka nak update you guys about what new things I did, thus the title for today's entry.

The Look

Percaya atau tak, I just recently found out about responsive template for a blog. Basically, it's a template yang ubahsuai ikut your medium of using it. Like, kalau you guna phone, you can view the template muat-muat your phone screen. If using laptop but smaller tab, the writing tetap akan ikut muat-muat skrin. This, yang paling convenience for me sebab dekat office memang akan bukak smaller tab kalau nak online (read : nak mengelat).

It took me about 10 hours finding template yang I suka, yang free, dan edit the blog's appearance. Still couldn't believe I spent that long considering I'm no fan of redesigning the blog. The template was from themexpose and I hope you like it because I do.

The Language

For the past 23 years of being ignorant toward English, I finally decided that I've fallen in love with the language, thank you to myself yang started to read English novels lately. Sebelum ni pon memang I guna rojak Malay-English, but now I'm planning to use the second language more. 

Please note that English is not my forte so it's understandable for grammar or spelling mistakes, no? I'm an amateur learner so bear with me. I hope you (especially loyal readers, if you're out there) wouldn't mind, and hope that explains why I use 'I' instead of 'aku'.

The Photos

Sebelum ni I suka tempek je gambar walaupun blur semacam. I'm no professional photographer, nor do I own a DSLR so my future photos also might not be in the best qualities but I'll try my best to produce one. 

Thing is, I dah couple balik dengan Photoshop so am I doing good with the photo above? (It's mine, not from google!)

Till then,

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  1. Lya..hye...simple English kalau macam kak PC yang tak pandai dan susah nak faham ni..cara macam ni mudah nak faham..hikss..

  2. Cantik n simple template awk. Suka tengok.
    Menulis dalam English tu bagus, so teruskan ye!

  3. Saya setuju dgn ketiga2 benda tu. The Look, The Language and The Photos! afterall life is all about trying right? So why stop? hihi. cantik template! putih suci murni gittew :P

  4. lawanyaa blog akak. makin rajin hupdate. nak tutorial edit blog pleaseee

  5. 10 hours ok lagi tu.. Kadang cari lebih 2 3 hari. Sebab nampak kat demo cantik, bila apply kat blog tak cantik. Bermulalah pencarian template yang baru :D

  6. cantik :)

    and it's nice seeing a lot of Malaysians blogger are starting to blog in English

  7. Suka template camni. Kemas dan tak serabut mata siqah. Hihi.

    And i do love responsive template too. Sangat mementingkan bab itu sebab BW pun guna phone je banyaknya.

    Writing in English is good. Keep it up girl :)

  8. suka template blog Lya ... kemas =)

    yeay!! let's we blog in English more . Nadia pun blog in english more than BM . Tapi kadang tgk mood gak as I mention in my blog entry . =)

    Blog in english pun untuk improve our english kan even tak la tip top mana =)

    keep on blogging dear =)

  9. Omg. I fall in love in english as well. Fun to see people reinvent themselves. Even only parts of it. I also.spend 10 hours for my new themes. Still thought i might need to change it. Blerghhhh

  10. Oh! patutlah lain.
    Rupanya template baru.
    Nice template.
    Untunglah pandai edit sendiri

  11. Sama la. I love blogging in english. Unfortunately my English sgt la truk. Tp bnde ni bole improve kn kita jgk kan❤️️