2018 Recap

It's only the first week of 2019 so I hope it's not too late for me to do this 2018 recap. There's so much version of 2018 recap done by others and I was careful in deciding how I would do mine. Since I failed at writing on my planner and I didn't write a diary too so actually I have no idea how I'm going to do this but thank god, there's my phone which contains photos I took over the year. So I'm going to recap 2018 based these photos, in no particular order.

Ipoh KTM Railway Station
Ipoh High Court
These are photos I took from the time when I joined a tour of discovering historical buildings in Ipoh. Being in the field of Architecture sure made me fall in love with the aesthetical aspect for buildings especially historic buildings. Ipoh KTM Railway Station was such a mystery since all the things the once was a hotel remained in its places such as the beds, even the guests signature book. While the Ipoh High Court still preserves its secret tunnel which was used during the ancient times. It was a suspenseful and fun tour indeed.

Our first time celebrated Eid just the five of us. Still couldn't believe that I was wrong when I thought that it'll be dull and bored. Also, it's the year when I decided to not buy any new Baju Kurung for Eid but ended up being failed at it when I accidentally saw a nice lace Baju Kurung and couldn't stop dreaming about it till I finally decided to buy it.

These are my best friends during my university life and we had a total of two reunions with the four of us last year. This photo was our reunion when we attended our friend's wedding and the other reunion was when we went to Nights of Fright together last October (definitely was one of the best events I've ever gone to). To many more reunions for us this year and wishing you beautiful girls a brighter year ahead.

Our first time ever made a surprise birthday celebration and our first 'victim' was our king in the house, aka our dad. Since it's his habit to smoke after a meal, I still remembered how hard it was to make him stayed at his seat after dinner because the waiter was late at bringing out the cake. Glad we didn't fail miserably at this surprise birthday celebration and dad loved it too.

My first time ever watching soccer at the stadium. It was when PKNP versus Selangor at Stadium Majlis Perbandaran Manjung since it was free and near to my house. I always thought that it's a waste of money and time to watch soccer at the stadium since we could watch it comfortably at home but after experience it myself, I know better why it's a must for the fans of soccer. The hype couldn't be compared at all, and it somehow made the non-fans became a fan too.

I've said this many times throughout all the posts I've written but I'm stating this again, my trip to Mount Bromo was the highlight of my 2018 and it was the best trip I've ever had so far. I miss Mount Bromo so much, I miss the view and I really want to repeat this trip again someday but I guess maybe after I've travelled to places I've never been to first.

I've been away for a few times last year for work purposes and I had the opportunity to stay in great places and this was one of them, Shaftsbury Serviced Hotel and Suites in Cyberjaya. Having to be in these great places made me realized that I really need a vacation from time to time, like just as simple as a staycation to release my stress of working and boring routine. To many more great places in 2019, hopefully.

I remembered the first hill that I hike in Ipoh was Kledang Hill but I didn't reach the peak, it was exhausting. When I thought I've given up with hiking, I discovered Batu Putih Hill and I love the trail so much. It wasn't easy but wasn't hard too. I love hiking this hill and would go hiking at least once a month, at least this what I'd be doing for an exercise.

I didn't think of going abroad again after Mount Bromo but my parents persuaded me to follow them to Pontianak after attending my brother's convocation in Sarawak. Though Pontianak wasn't a popular tourist's choice, it was a family trip after such a long time we never been on a trip together so it was meaningful anf fun. Hope we'll go somewhere too this year.

I joined a netball tournament last year, representing my company. I didn't play netball for at least ten years but surprisingly my body still remembers the steps. I enjoyed the games and hopefully would be joining it again this year. Actually, I'm more to volleyball but haven't found a chance to play volleyball again yet. If anyone knows any volleyball team that I could join in Ipoh, please tell me.

My company organized a bowling tournament for all the staffs and ex-staffs of the company last year. It surely was a must to make such an event from time to time where we could bond and tighten our relationship together as a team so we could release our stress from working and having great teamwork too.

How was your 2018? I wish all of us to have a better year ahead.

Till then,

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  1. Look like you had a great year in 2018.

    1. Yeah, glad I did and I hope yours were great too!

  2. Jom lepak kat char kuew teow belakang stadium jommm


  3. omg cute nya throwing that surprise party. i love old building in Ipoh too and now i'm jealous that you got that tour. arghh.

    1. Don't be jealous, but yeah it's a wonderful experience for me!

  4. Been stalking your ig stories for the adventures.. haha.. Happy New Year Lya..!

    1. Indeed, it's the easiest medium to share our experiences ;)

  5. mana mukaaa akuu?? hmmmmmmmmm

  6. Happy New Year Lya! Am I too late? Hahaha.