A SEA Games Post, I Guess

I am so not into sport but I do love to watch national live games sometimes, no matter how dumb I am about that particular games, albeit everyone does. So the fact that we tops the medal tally with 145 golds which apparently made us the overall winners, really made me feel proud as a Malaysian. 

In response to the SEA games came to an end, let's talk about some things or issues related to it.

Opening ceremony
I don't think I can skip from talking about this hot topic. I watched the opening ceremony and I must say it was so UH-MAY-ZINGG! The futuristic concept was conveyed so well especially the part where our beloved diver, Dhabitah was flying to ignite the giant torch. I felt so proud knowing that we have the capability to conduct such an outstanding event.

Rimau is so cute
When our mascot Rimau first appeared, I'm sure we can't help but think that this fellow is so cute. Rimau's popularity further exploded when he made a twitter account and every interaction of him with Khairy Jamaluddin (KJ), the Minister of Youth and Sports was so adorable. Whoever was behind the mask really made a good job at being a cute Rimau.

Football match tickets
I don't have the place to criticize how they organize the ticketing system, or the venue so I don't want to comment on that. I'm sure they did their best in organizing and hoping for the event to run smoothly, I mean nobody wouldn't want that but things just turn out not like what they expected to be. I'm just furious at some people sick mentality, who bought too many tickets and selling them with marked up price even for 10 times more. The excuse of they were queuing so early to get the tickets are a total bullshit because there were other people who didn't get the tickets though they did queue no later than these touts.

Hate comments
Despite having these proud moments where our hard working athletes contributing to make us lead the medal tally, we still have hate comments about them, especially Muslim women athletes, I am so sick of comments about their aurah. I'm clarifying here that I'm okay for you to give good advice with nice words on that topic but mean comments with curse words are so disturbing. The same goes when Thailand won the football final match because of our keeper own goal. It's a mistake which nobody wanted to happen especially our goalkeeper himself so cursing him for it is a big NO.

But of course, the best of all was the announcement of a public holiday on Monday by our Prime Minister during the closing ceremony.
Happy holiday guys, have a good one!

Till then,

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  1. I heard that there are few people behind the mascot of Rimau :D But all of them were doing great job!


    1. Yeap Rimau wasn't only one person. These people behind the mascot are all did a great job :)

  2. Aku nak patung rimau yang diorang dapat tuu. ntah kenapaa aku rasa comel mcm aku. HAHHAAHHAAHHAA. btw opening dia mmg international gila, mmg style habis do.

    1. comel tu betul tapi part "macam aku" tu hmm hmm

  3. watching the opening ceremony was lit!

    it is actually kinda normal that some malaysian or organization will take advantage of the football tickets..because somehow the one who got their tickets at the original price was there since 3am, crazy right? but thats how football fans are and there are fans who also sanggup bayar mahal for the tickets.


    1. Yeap, it's actually the same with whatever events such as Kpop concert. Haha. People tends to buy more than enough tickets to sell them with marked up price and surprisingly, people are willing to pay more! That's just how it works. But I still feel it's unfair :(

  4. Okay to be honest, I can't watch the opening ceremony as I was visiting my late Tok on that day and can't even catch up any of the games due to the hectic life and I had no TV.. But I do know some of the stories behind it and oh yes, I watched a bit of the final football match... Well, I guess I missed out the best moment of our country..

    1. Aww that's a shame. But fret not, cause we have the internet to re-watch all these events :)